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Grow your audience

Professional, eye-catching profiles

Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds

Simply paste Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud links

Verified client reviews

Get Leads, get gigs

Thousands of UK and International bookers

Smart booking system to impress your clients

Send a quote in seconds

Never pay for a lead on Acted

Automated paperwork,
hassle-free gigs

Automated, professional smart contracts

Payment receipts directly in your inbox

Autogenerated VAT invoices

Acted Payment Protection

100% secured & transparent online payments

Guaranteed payments through our cancellation policy

Receive deposits in your escrow account


“I love the profile system, it's much simpler than updating my website”


"Acted is a website I am happy to fully endorse. It's a fantastic tool for all of us looking for gigs"

Singer / Dancer

“If I am not too sure about a client, I bring him to Acted to have complete piece of mind”

DJ / Emcee

“The quote system
and your product in general is exactly what I need. Thanks so much!”

Guitarist / Rock band

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